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Wildfire Threat Survival Information

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What is a Wildfire?

A wildfire is an uncontrolled fire in an area of combustible vegetation that occurs in the countryside or a wilderness area.

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How to prepare for a Wildfire.

FEMA Preperation Steps

Build a Kit

Make a supply kit with the simple neccesarities. This would include medical, food, water and fire protection materials

Make a Plan

Plan out where you will meet, where you will go, and what are the exit routes and meet up places.

Get Tech Ready

Electronic devices are almost a neccisatiy these days. To stay up-to-date with weather reports and information make sure your devices are charged. You have crankable devices, flashlights and radios. Get solar and crank charge stations.

New Alerts

Make sure way in advance to get all of the phone numbers and stations bookmarked so that you have quick access to them in a emergancy. Also make sure to share this information of your family.

Check the items you have prepared.

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When in a Wildfire.

How to stay safe when in a wildfire.

Make sure that you are wearing protective clothing. Use home water to fill various containers and wet down areas around you. Protect valuables in a car or in water, if they can survive water submerging. Make sure to keep paths clear and lights on to help you find your way.

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After the Wildfire.

Guidlines for After a Wildfire Strikes

  1. Go to a designated shelter.
  2. Treat any injuries you can on your own. Help may be hours away.
  3. Check your surroundings so that it is safe to navigate.
  4. Make sure if you can that another fire wont spark
  5. Take attendance with family and friends to make sure everyone is together.
  6. Remain calm, and contact your local FEMA location for assistance.

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Support Information

Support Links

  1. FEMA Wildfire Site
  2. Ready.gov/Wildfires
  3. Wildfire Wikipedia

Volunteer/Donor Information

  1. FEMA Get Involved
  2. Ready.gov/get-involved
  3. American Red Cross

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Where they Coommonly Occur

Australia, California, Southeast Asia, areas of Southern Africa - wildfires are common in areas that have enough moisture to produce vegetation but also feature extended dry and hot periods - wikipedia/wildfire

Natural Wildfires

In some areas wildfires are natural and good for the environment. They regulate growth, help seeds gernmentate of certain trees, and help fertelize the land.

Enviornments in Change

Areas of great change because of deforestation, like the rainforrest are finding wildfires happening more and reckoning the natural cycles of the forrest.

Wildfires on Climate

Wildfires can change and alter the enviroment. They also can negagitivly effect atmospheric pollution.

Histories of Wildfires

There is evidence of wildfires that happend around 420 million years ago during the Silurian period.

Human Involvement

Humans have been using controled wildfires for agrarian purposes for thousands of years.


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